Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We're Moving!

That's right, we're moving again. It's kind of funny, I've lived in 4 different cities within 13 months. Haha. So the scoop is that there is a church in the Olympia area that said they'd be happy to have Matt help out, and while we were trying to decide whether or not this was God guiding us to move, Matt found an apartment in the area that was having a great deal on a complex that was much nicer than we expected to find. We applied a couple of days ago (on our way back up from Thanksgiving in Portland) and just found out that as of today the apartment is ours. We took that, in addition to a couple of other instances of convenient timing, as God making his direction a little more clear for us. We have a little bit overlap with our current place which will make moving a bit easier, too.

Thanksgiving was great! We headed down to Portland where Matt's sister and brother-in-law live with their son - the cutest nephew I've ever had and my current favorite (above with Matt, below with Matt's parents). Matt's parents and brother also drove up from California, so it was fun to get to see them, too. The food was delicious, and we had a great time hanging out, shopping, playing Apples to Apples and watching The Fantastic Mr. Fox. 

And, just for fun, here are couple of links. Enjoy!

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