Friday, January 20, 2012

We Meet Again

Yes, my title is referring to the time of night. Yet again I'm up way later than I should be, and am I going to sleep? No. Instead I'm blogging about it. 

The big news around here lately has been the snow. We got tons of it. I mean, usually we get a few inches and everyone flips out and has a great time until it melts the next day. But the snow has been here since Sunday. And there's been a lot of it. I mean, look at how high it comes up on me:

The last few days have been a lot of fun enjoying the snow, but then today it got really slick and icy. That and our Internet was down for about 5 hours this morning, which made working a bit of a challenge, although I was able to keep busy and work on things offline for a while. Then, a couple of hours after our Internet was back up the power went down, which meant the router turned off and, again, I was without Internet. Although my work day wasn't quite as productive as I was hoping, I still got a lot done and was able to use the time effectively.

One thing that really helped was the ability to check email on my cell phone. That's right, we upgraded from our regular old phones to smartphones! We are now two proud iPhone users. I've been having fun exploring all sorts of fun apps, etc. If you have any suggestions, let me know. So far I've got everything from social media and productivity apps to sports and games apps. I decided to jump on the bandwagon and start using Instagram. Here's my first creation:

I found another fun photo app that let me add frames, so I created these two photos:

Needless to say (although I'm going to write it anyway), I've been loving my new phone. 

Anyway, it's 3am and I have a busy day at work tomorrow, so I'm going to go to sleep now. Really. Let me know if there are any more apps I should download, and good night!

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