Monday, April 4, 2011

What My House Could Look Like

One of our clients, a redesign firm, recently shared a fun site with me called Houzz - a site that showcases interior and exterior house design. Even though we don't have a house yet, and our first house isn't likely to be (or at least start off as) our dream home, it's really fun to look at ideas others have come up with and make ideabooks of rooms and decor that I like. 

Here are a few examples:

Okay, this pool is way more extravagant than I actually imagine having at my house someday, but it's just so amazing I can't stop looking at it:
Paradise Pool tropical pool

As someone that works from home, I think this sort of office set-up would be great. I'd have a desk available in addition to a window seat when I want a change of scenery:
Orono Residence traditional kids

I have a habit of putting my purse and sweatshirt down on the first flat surface when I get home, so I think a little bench with hooks and cubbies like this would be a great way to keep the clutter down, plus the bench could provide extra storage:
West Coast Hampton traditional entry

Although I like the blue tile, I'm not sure I'd actually want it in my shower. I do like the multiple shower heads though. It'd be like it's raining, only the rain would be warm and functional:
Fusion Farmhouse contemporary bathroom

I just really like this bathroom:
Nordquist modern bathroom

You can see all my ideabooks on Houzz. Feel free to make your own, too! Please let me know if you do - I'd love to see which designs you find that you like.

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