Wednesday, June 29, 2011


For those of you that don't know, Google+ is slowly rolling out. What is it, you ask? The basic definition is "Facebook, but with a few key differences." Check out their demo to get a better feel for what it is and how it's different.

So what do I think? I really like it so far! Granted, I've only been using it for a couple of hours and I only have 10 contacts, but there are a couple of elements I really like so far:

Circles. I like to organize things. I like it when everything fits into little boxes. Unfortunately, relationships just aren't like that. A relative can also be a friend from church; a neighbor can also be a friend from college. I've tried to organize my friends on Facebook from time to time, but it just gets confusing…and I don't really see much of a point beyond me liking to be organized. Google+ organizes your contacts through circles, and when you post something you can select which circle(s) you want to see it. So my friends from rowing can see crew posts and my friends from the area can see local area posts…or everyone can see them all. Circles give you the ability to decide who sees what in a very easy way in addition to being extremely easy to set up, edit, etc. The organizer in me likes it!

Sparks. You can basically save search terms for things you're interested in, read them in the browser and post them to your profile really easily. Kind of a cool way to keep up with random things you care about.

I'm excited to keep using Google+ over the next few weeks so I can understand how to use it even better!

July 4 update:
A few more things I love about Google+

  • The ability to format your posts. You can use bold, italics and strike throughs.
  • The ability to edit both posts and comments whenever. There isn't a time limit, you just select "edit" from the drop down menu.
  • The ability to mute a post. You know how sometimes you comment on a post, and then a bunch of people you don't know have a whole conversation? Google+ lets you mute the post so you aren't notified for every. single. comment.

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