Monday, September 12, 2011

Captain America

Have you seen Captain America yet? If not, I would encourage it. To be honest, when I originally saw the preview I wasn't exactly convinced I wanted to pay to see it in theaters, but my wonderful husband convinced me to go, and I really liked it! Here are just some of the elements I appreciated:

  • The overall retro feel to the movie.
  • Humor is interjected throughout the story.
  • Two of the characters speak Norwegian for a brief moment in one scene.
  • It's a fun story.
  • The action scenes were fun.
  • It reminded me of Iron Man in terms of the fun story and overall feel.
I'm not sure how much longer Captain America will be in theaters, but if you have a chance, you should go see it. It's worth staying through the credits, too. There's a fun bit at the end.


  1. Did anyone say "Min bilen har for mye fisk?" That phrase almost always comes up when somebody speaks Norwegian.

  2. Amazingly enough, that phrase didn't come up!