Friday, October 7, 2011

A Night For Blogging

It seems to be time to blog again. It's been a while. Almost a month. I really have been intending to update more, and even have a bunch of ideas for blog posts, I just haven't felt like taking the time to write recently. Well tonight that changes.

Compelling intro, huh?

Anyway, I think the focus of this blog post will be...(drumroll please): 

Being a Real Adult!

Okay, I still don't feel like an adult, but my older and wiser father told me a few years ago that he doesn't feel like an adult either, so I've gotten used to the idea of faking it. So why am I a real adult now? We have Costco cards! At least, that's Matt's definition :) 

Anyway, I think I also sound more like a "real" adult because of the nature of our day-to-day activities:
  • Matt's heading up the high school & middle school groups at church.
  • I'm the Communications Director for an alumni organization. 
  • We're hosting/leading a weekly small group.
  • We get a bi-weekly box of produce from a local farm.
  • We've actually been keeping our apartment decently clean.
  • I had the opportunity to help my company hire someone new. I created an ad, conducted initial interviews and made recommendations to my boss. It was pretty cool to have such a big role in the process, and my boss and I have both been really happy with the person we hired. 
That being said, we try to remember to keep having fun and acting the age we feel. Check out this Bed & Breakfast we just booked for our anniversary: The Red Caboose Getaway B&B!

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