Monday, November 22, 2010


The first time I ever saw snow was during a family vacation in Yellowstone. In July. Needless to say, we weren't prepared for snow because everyone told us, "it's gonna be hot." It wasn't. We had a LOT of fun, though. I have very fond memories of playing in the snow with my older brother, both of us dressed in jeans and raincoats. We'd run around throwing snowballs at each other until our hands were numb, at which point we'd go inside to warm them up by the heater before going back outside.

My view of snow hasn't changed. Living in California for most of my life, the few times I've experienced snow since them have been filled with excitement and the strong desire to be outside running around, no matter how I happen to be dressed. 

When I went to college in Washington and it snowed, two of my friends that also happened to be from California ran around campus with me - jumping, tossing snow and squealing with delight. When I lived in Norway for a semester, we played in the street around midnight with a couple of other foreign students. Senior year of college we fell into the ground to make snow angels and created my first ever real snowman. The snow hasn't failed to excite me yet.

When it started snowing yesterday, I couldn't contain my excitement! Seeing the snow still falling today brings a wide grin to my face. Although I can't take a snow day from work, I definitely DO plan to make it outside during my lunch break. I'll be the one in polka-dotted rainboots and a giant smile.

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