Friday, July 29, 2011

The Hidden Gate & Nearby Park

So last week Matt and I finally explored our apartment complex a bit (after living here for a year and a half) and discovered a hidden gate behind a dumpster! Of course, I got a little over-excited about this and decided we needed to come back the next night when I had my camera. Here it is:

So of course, once we went through the gate and continued on our walk, I had to snap a few more pictures (I did have my camera with me). Here are a couple of my favorites:

Then, for church on Sunday, we met at Burfoot Park. What a fun park! In addition to the typical playground and open grass they have woods and a beach. Okay, so the beach isn't a real beach (not one with sand that you can go surfing on), but it's still a great view.

While we were there I snapped a few pictures of a few friends including my friend's daughter. Here are a few favorites:

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