Saturday, July 30, 2011

Is It Fall Yet?

I had a hankering to redesign my blog tonight. I think, despite how nice this summer has been, I'm ready for fall (hence the leaves on the sides).
 I guess I like every time of year for different reasons, but these are the ones that come to mind as to why I like fall, in no particular order:

  • Everyone else stops complaining about the cooler weather and rain because it's "expected."
  • My birthday!
  • The colors of the leaves changing colors.
  • TV shows start up again.
  • Our anniversary!
  • It means Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming.
  • Football season (although this has potential to be bad depending on how well my teams play - Go Browns! And go Cal Bears!).
  • Baseball playoffs (also dependent on how my team is doing - Go Giants!).
  • The air feels crisp and cool.
  • It tends to rain more often.

I think I also like fall because it's the time I associate with new beginnings, probably due to when school starts each year. Even though I don't get summer break anymore, I tend to make my goals in the fall instead of January 1 like everyone else.

Do you look forward to fall, too, or am I alone in this??

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