Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cookies Or Sleep?

I'm debating internally right now. Stay up later and bake a few cookies (we have cookie dough in the freezer) or be responsible and go to bed right now. I'm leaning more towards going to bed, but that might change in the next few minutes.

Lately I've been entertaining myself by playing Carmen Sandiego on Facebook. I've noticed my geography has really been getting better and it's a basic activity that doesn't require too much brain power. A fun feature of the Facebook version is they import your friends list so you actually get to catch people you know. Earlier this evening I caught a couple of friends from California.

So at the moment I'm playing on the computer, watching a movie and debating in my head. Cookies or sleep? I think I'll make the responsible choice and go to sleep...

...well, after one more Carmen Sandiego case :)

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